Welcome Back Everybody

Hi folks and welcome back to a very flatpack version of what will become the new home of ACCRINGTON STANLEY. Apologies to all for the brief period of radio silence while we hauled our luggage aboard the new server – give us a couple of days and I’ll get a lick of paint around the new gaff.

Breaking News of course – 22nd November at the Brook, supporting Dodgy!



The team at Stanley Towers

Stanleys new single premiered on Voice FM

The macabre revivification of the dessicated Stanley homunculus continues, with that super Mr. Xan Phillips of VOICE FM (103.9FM). Following a broadcasted Stanleys snippet of yesteryear and a “whatever happened to them?” query, some public-spirited citizens put the station right. Tune in today (12 may) at 5.45 or thereabouts, for it is rumoured that the Indie Rock legends will be making a brief appearance. Exept you won’t see them because they’re on the radio. Which is probably a good thing, You should see the state of Baz these days.

A Nation Reverberates

A new dawn, a new day, a new website with stuff pertaining to that legendary rock Hippo of yore ACCRINGTON STANLEY. This time, Reverb Nation oscillates to the vibrations of some lively little numbers from the AccyStans’ oeuvre of old. And New, in fact. Keep it bookmarked, we may well be witnessing those cheeky Stans paving the way for some new material one of these days…

EXACTLY! Bitterne Park Hotel, Friday 13th July

"Exactly" poster | Accrington Stanley and The Alaskan Pipeline play at the Bitterne Park hotel, 13 Juoly 2012SOFA CITY ALERT! ACCRINGTON STANLEY team up with The Alaskan Pipeline for a mighty two-headed happening on the “Triangle Stage” AKA the hottest venue in the South AKA the Bitterne Park Hotel, Fri 13th July. FREE ENTRY for all. Keep Music Live! Live Music for Keeps! Musical Keepy-Uppy for Life! etc.

File before Bogshed

Distracting conveniently from the Leveson Inquiry, Revelation of the Week concerns the vinyl collection of St John of the Peel; in particular, the evidence of NOT ONE, BUT TWO Accrington Stanley albums! Includes the handwritten message from a younger and wiser Dan O’ Farrell politely asking Lord Ravenscroft for a spin on the crackly roundabout of destiny. For which he duly obliged. Glasses raised!