The Bent Brief, Friday 30th August 2013: ACCRINGTON STANLEY + THE FLYING ALEXANDERS

ACCRINGTON STANLEY + THE FLYING ALEXANDERS at the BENT BRIEF, 30th August 2013. Free EntryLet’s celebrate the survivors! Two of Southampton’s longest-running and, dare we say it?, most respected bands play a one-off show together. Fresh from Sofa City, Accrington Stanley and The Flying Alexanders play a special ‘end the summer hols with a bang’ gig at The Bent Brief on 30th August. Should be an absolute blast. Free entry.

Accrington Stanley
Still dining out on the marvellous moment when they found themselves representing 1/50 of John Peel’s published record collection (2 lps in the first 100 published), the Stanleys have been enjoying a tidy renaissance, picking up great reviews for their last album ‘Exactly’ and releasing increasing amounts of their bulging back-catalogue on line. Quirky, characterful indie-pop at its finest…

The Flying Alexanders
Utterly bomb-proof, the Alexanders have a heart rooted in punk and lyrics rooted in 21st century living. Sitting on top of one of the tightest and meanest rhythm-sections around, marvel at Perry Flatt‘s ever evolving masterclass in economic, brutal guitar playing and get swept along by Jon Sansom‘s ebullience and energy as front-man/singer and lyricist par excellance. Recommended!