The creative process: a journey

A brief insight int11391206_828440940539134_4275524177229213002_no the purity of the creative mind, ACCRINGTON STANLEY hone their puffed-up scissor kicks and stage-strutting pomp. And a couple of chords, in readiness for a rare public outing. Vain? Moi? Alternatively, we at Stanley Towers have got this all wrong and this is a still from the CCTV installed in the band’s secure facility, just so we can check up on them. Who’s hiding in the cello case? No, don’t send in your answers.


Some snaps from the Alex

11203001_835578906531492_644321733135226583_nCatching up and retropectively re-posting some of the lost broadcasts from the summer, here are a few pics of the Stanleys in action at the Alexandra in May. Warning: contains moody and over-flattering lighting effects which some viewers may find startling.