ACCRINGTON STANLEY + NEKO ROSHI, The Bitterne Park Hotel Friday 4th October 2013

Bitterne Balti Killed the Beast

Bitterne Balti Killed the Beast

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The legendary Straining-at-the-Postcode Tour 2013 continues its gruelling path to road-frazzled rock nirvana. For, on Friday 4th October, we adjourn to Midanbury Lane, within a giant gorilla’s swipe of the Bitterne Park Triangle, to A Proper Pub with Proper Beer. And some Proper Music promises to rattle down the lugholes of any free entrants, sounding eerily like NEKO ROSHI and, if you’re particularly blessed, some members of venerable indie legends ACCRINGTON STANLEY let off the leash for a night of jangling absurdity. Join us. It’ll be Proper Proper, like.



SO:FEST 2013

sofest poster“They won the heart of John Peel and have stayed there”. Like it. Newly energised like over-eager puppies at this effusive outpouring of praise, those parenthetically over-endowed yet perennially unsinkable “eccentric, witty, indie-rockers” ACCRINGTON STANLEY continue “steaming on since the 80s” and by happy happenstance happen upon fair Southampton dock, chugging up to Guildhall Square for a free festival on the 21st of September. So? Fest. SO:FEST! Geddit? yes we do. And so will you! What on earth is stopping you? Nowt, that’s what. (Event page at