THE BENT BRIEF Saturday 16th February: Lo-Fi Poet band, Accrington Stanley, +DJ MORGS

Bent Brief poster, Saturday 16th Feb 2013

SATURDAY 16th February 2013. FREE ENTRY. Doors 8:00. Following the sadly thwarted BPH 2013 opener, come along and see the mighty Stanleys team up with some thrilling Lo-Fi madness!

Two Sofa-City Bands play at the lovely Bent Brief, with some heavy dub sounds from DJ Morgs in the gaps.

Accrington Stanley are promoting their new album ‘Exactly’ and aiming to make 2013 as good as 2012, when they appeared on the John Peel record shelf, the telly, with Dodgy at the Brook and in some lovely reviews.

Lo-Fo Poet are the most down-and-dirty, sleazily poetic and hypnotic band in the South, combining the effortless grooves of the Happy Mondays with the political bile of The Clash or the Redskins

Free Entry – fill yer boots!

(The Bent Brief 17-19 Lodge Road, SO14 6RP Southampton). (Facebook Page)

Broadsheet face, Tabloid mind

replays(Answers on a postcard). What’s this? Ooh, get you, Accrington Stanley. Cult circulation indie fanzines printed on pot noodle crates not good enough for you eh? Swanning around with their combovers in the air, having sneezed between the pages of THE INDEPENDENT, no less.

Online music archives: Net gains for those who love rare rockers 
…an investigation into the demise of record shops and the rise of the lesser-spotted long-tailed independent musicians flourishing on teh interwebs, somehow incomprehensibly embarking on six degrees of Kevin Bacon via Freddie Mercury and John Peel to none other than our friends the apparently “reformed” Stanleys.¬† Funny old world.


Life Affirming Work of Near Genius by Genuine Class Act Shocker! Read “Exactly” Album Review (Mint South)

Emotional Pull! What have Kim Deal, R.E.M., Beck, The Wedding Present, The Modern Lovers, De La Soul, Morrissey, Manfred Mann and Tindersticks have in common? They all sound like Accrington Stanley, at least when Accrington Stanley go and do a thing like releasing an album called “Exactly” and it gets a yummy review by Mint South. Go on, check it out