New Accrington Stanley Album “Exactly” Available Now

New Accrington Stanley album - "Exactly"At last it’s here! Accrington Stanley release their new album “Exactly” in CD format, download (Amazon, iTunes) and to stream. Written and recorded between 2009 and 2012 at various locations in Hampshire, co written by the band and showcased at various gigs and sneak previewed onto the airwaves throughout 2012. Buy it now!

Listen to “Exactly” on Spotify  | Buy “Exactly” on iTunes  |  Buy “Exactly” on Amazon

Intense Activity

You don’t often find the phrase ‘intense activity’ in the same sentence as ‘Accrington Stanley’ unless prefaced with the phrase ‘Characteristically avoiding any sign of…’, but, my friends, intense activity is what is about to take place i
n the stanley camp. First up, we are playing at the mint tribute gig at the Joiners this Saturday. It’s an all day affair with some fantastic bands playing. We’re on at 6.30 pm (just before the ‘mini-band’, who will make us feel even older than usual). Children are admitted free before 7 and can stay until 9, as long as they get a round in. Event page is here:

Then, on Monday, our new album ‘Exactly’ will be available from all decent online retailers (or at least iTunes – Amazon always takes longer for some reason). If the postman gets his finger out, we’ll have physical copies to sell (and raffle) on Saturday and at The Brook. There’ll be more posts on this, you can rest assured!

Finally, on Thursday, we are supporting the mighty Dodgy at The Brook. (event page here:

Well, it’s intense for us, anyway. Hope you can make one of the gigs or enjoy the album from whatever dank, dark abode you currently call home. Cheers!

It was twenty years ago today

That the Accy stanleys barfed on the runway (doesn’t scan – youre fired) and kissed the Tokyo tarmac wide-eyed and gormless before the TV9 Japan cameras. There followed a monumental show in which  10,000 unsuspecting youths were corrupted by jingly-jangly UK Indie Rock at its palest and spottiest. In celebration, this is a re-posting of the classic snippet from that show. Twenty Years Ago. What were you doing in November 1992? (comments welcome, although not those selling us medication or designer handbags. We have quite enough of that sort of thing already.)