The Third Coming of HALF LIFE: the Album that Wouldn’t Stay Put However Much the Universe Tried to Ignore Its Rocking Lyrical Majesty

halflifesmChildren of the Digital Dawn, arise from your think pods and scrape the hot pixels from your frazzled eyebones, for there follows a history lesson. Way back at the end of the Twentieth Century, a rather unsuccessful rock band sighed at its lot, nursed its wounds and pondered a future without amps and songs and guitars. Where the unit-shifting sound of the landfill ruled but humanity sat unmoved. The consensus was that such a future sucked. So they pooled together their remaining pennies to preserve the sound of their ailing combo for eternity.

Having missed the opportunity to send it into space aboard the Voyager probe – by some years  – ACCRINGTON STANLEY neverless persevered, flipping the pointy bird at both common sense and the forces of oblivion, and brought forth into being the marvellous, mechanical, mouse-roaring cathedral of sound that was HALF LIFE. Songs about goldfish. Songs about Quiche. Songs considered topical for their day, about how there are a few rich people who live off the misfortune of the rest of us. Songs about jacking in your hopes and dreams, putting on a suit and choosing the daily commute. Songs about the practical limitations of being cool. And songs about you – about how your feet of clay are an illusion made of waves and string, and how everything becomes possible, both in this universe and the one next door.

The World said “meh” and, in a listless fug, rolled over on its side for the remote, where the two towers of Britpop and The Spice Girls reigned in abnormal union over a poorer, feebler civilisation.

But No More!  For the Album that refused to stay in its coop has tunnelled under the chicken wire and is once again pecking at your ankles, saying “Download me, you deaf pillocks”.

Available for download from 26th July 2013, HALF LIFE by ACCRINGTON STANLEY constitutes the missing piece of the puzzle that is UK Rock, recorded before the mainstream swallowed the independent music makers and bought off the dreamers of dreams. Experience HALF LIFE today and change your life.

HALF LIFE. By Accrington Stanley. Because the future most definitely does not suck.
Available [iTunes, Spotify, Amazon] 26th July 2013

THE ART HOUSE, Saturday, 29th June 2013

Dear Everyone in the entire universe, just would you adam & eve it, celebrating 25 glorious years since the groundbreaking, gamechanging and dare they say it seminal sonic statement “Live at Mikanoffs” (ask your dad), the one and only ACCRINGTON STANLEY have the barecheeked nerve to cram their creaky frames into a cosy Southampton cafe-cum-cultural space THE ART HOUSE to cast their jangling indievibes in the direction of YOU the hallowed listener. It’s on SATURDAY 29th JUNE and you would be misguided in the extreme to even think of missing it.

Resound@Roxx Live! 30th March

resound@Roxx Live 30 March 2013Debut night for Resound, a project promoting unsigned music in the south: This Saturday, featuring The Novatones, Accrington Stanley and Delta Rhythm. Also putting the Stanleys in fear of Mark E Smith, the Undertones and anyone else slightly more beloved of the late Lord Ravenscroft.  Check it out on Facebook.
9:30-1:30am, Entry £3!
( RoXX 21 Lower Banister Street, SO15 2EJ Southampton)

THE BENT BRIEF Saturday 16th February: Lo-Fi Poet band, Accrington Stanley, +DJ MORGS

Bent Brief poster, Saturday 16th Feb 2013

SATURDAY 16th February 2013. FREE ENTRY. Doors 8:00. Following the sadly thwarted BPH 2013 opener, come along and see the mighty Stanleys team up with some thrilling Lo-Fi madness!

Two Sofa-City Bands play at the lovely Bent Brief, with some heavy dub sounds from DJ Morgs in the gaps.

Accrington Stanley are promoting their new album ‘Exactly’ and aiming to make 2013 as good as 2012, when they appeared on the John Peel record shelf, the telly, with Dodgy at the Brook and in some lovely reviews.

Lo-Fo Poet are the most down-and-dirty, sleazily poetic and hypnotic band in the South, combining the effortless grooves of the Happy Mondays with the political bile of The Clash or the Redskins

Free Entry – fill yer boots!

(The Bent Brief 17-19 Lodge Road, SO14 6RP Southampton). (Facebook Page)

Broadsheet face, Tabloid mind

replays(Answers on a postcard). What’s this? Ooh, get you, Accrington Stanley. Cult circulation indie fanzines printed on pot noodle crates not good enough for you eh? Swanning around with their combovers in the air, having sneezed between the pages of THE INDEPENDENT, no less.

Online music archives: Net gains for those who love rare rockers 
…an investigation into the demise of record shops and the rise of the lesser-spotted long-tailed independent musicians flourishing on teh interwebs, somehow incomprehensibly embarking on six degrees of Kevin Bacon via Freddie Mercury and John Peel to none other than our friends the apparently “reformed” Stanleys.  Funny old world.


Life Affirming Work of Near Genius by Genuine Class Act Shocker! Read “Exactly” Album Review (Mint South)

Emotional Pull! What have Kim Deal, R.E.M., Beck, The Wedding Present, The Modern Lovers, De La Soul, Morrissey, Manfred Mann and Tindersticks have in common? They all sound like Accrington Stanley, at least when Accrington Stanley go and do a thing like releasing an album called “Exactly” and it gets a yummy review by Mint South. Go on, check it out

New Accrington Stanley Album “Exactly” Available Now

New Accrington Stanley album - "Exactly"At last it’s here! Accrington Stanley release their new album “Exactly” in CD format, download (Amazon, iTunes) and to stream. Written and recorded between 2009 and 2012 at various locations in Hampshire, co written by the band and showcased at various gigs and sneak previewed onto the airwaves throughout 2012. Buy it now!

Listen to “Exactly” on Spotify  | Buy “Exactly” on iTunes  |  Buy “Exactly” on Amazon