Unprecedented Movement in the Land of the Stanleys

Good afternoon one and all. Stanley Towers announces the return of its finest wayward sons for a brief flash of solar activity not witnessed since Copernicus got bashed on the onion by a falling quasar in 1273. (Check your source, junior hack).

Amid the frenzied schedule of its lead belter Dan O’Farrell in a seemingly never-ending tour of first-person crooning action, the remaining venerable indie legends have been boiling their strings and shunning publicity in readiness for the right moment to strike. That time, folks, is now.

10525807_835578816531501_7844314028693495067_nFirst up is the rather marvellous Music in the City bash, which sees every noisemaker in the district plying their wares in unusual places…..

Saturday 3rd October 2015
The Weighhouse (city walls), Southampton
18:00 (Facebook events page: https://www.facebook.com/events/501820783247988/)

Thursday 5th November 2015
320 Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2TD
supporting The Lovely Eggs

The creative process: a journey

A brief insight int11391206_828440940539134_4275524177229213002_no the purity of the creative mind, ACCRINGTON STANLEY hone their puffed-up scissor kicks and stage-strutting pomp. And a couple of chords, in readiness for a rare public outing. Vain? Moi? Alternatively, we at Stanley Towers have got this all wrong and this is a still from the CCTV installed in the band’s secure facility, just so we can check up on them. Who’s hiding in the cello case? No, don’t send in your answers.


Some snaps from the Alex

11203001_835578906531492_644321733135226583_nCatching up and retropectively re-posting some of the lost broadcasts from the summer, here are a few pics of the Stanleys in action at the Alexandra in May. Warning: contains moody and over-flattering lighting effects which some viewers may find startling.


Dim Blogio. Radio Silence from Stanley Towers: an apology

156803_10151391802591317_156923463_nHello dears, a quick note from Stanley Towers. We are aiming to restore service to this, the unoffically official ACCRINGTON STANLEY website, following a protracted spell of lithuania. We shall endeavour to start backfilling the lost posts with some Stanley goodies as we go. Thanks for your patience and understanding in the intervening meanwhiles.


MUSIC IN THE CITY link to event mapSorry, couldn’t resist it. WEIGH! NO WEIGH! Er, yes, Music in the City 2013.The whole of bleedin’ Southampton, whose venues city-wide plug in and switch on to the torrent of live talent bubbling under and ready to rock your plimsouls, and other stuff. Looky here for a map! The Venerable Accy Stanleys appearing at the WEIGH HOUSE on French Street at 1pm, hot on the heels of the previous night’s tomfoolery at the Bitterne Park Hotel…

ACCRINGTON STANLEY + NEKO ROSHI, The Bitterne Park Hotel Friday 4th October 2013

Bitterne Balti Killed the Beast

Bitterne Balti Killed the Beast

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The legendary Straining-at-the-Postcode Tour 2013 continues its gruelling path to road-frazzled rock nirvana. For, on Friday 4th October, we adjourn to Midanbury Lane, within a giant gorilla’s swipe of the Bitterne Park Triangle, to A Proper Pub with Proper Beer. And some Proper Music promises to rattle down the lugholes of any free entrants, sounding eerily like NEKO ROSHI and, if you’re particularly blessed, some members of venerable indie legends ACCRINGTON STANLEY let off the leash for a night of jangling absurdity. Join us. It’ll be Proper Proper, like.



SO:FEST 2013

sofest poster“They won the heart of John Peel and have stayed there”. Like it. Newly energised like over-eager puppies at this effusive outpouring of praise, those parenthetically over-endowed yet perennially unsinkable “eccentric, witty, indie-rockers” ACCRINGTON STANLEY continue “steaming on since the 80s” and by happy happenstance happen upon fair Southampton dock, chugging up to Guildhall Square for a free festival on the 21st of September. So? Fest. SO:FEST! Geddit? yes we do. And so will you! What on earth is stopping you? Nowt, that’s what. (Event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/408060065970605/)

The Bent Brief, Friday 30th August 2013: ACCRINGTON STANLEY + THE FLYING ALEXANDERS

ACCRINGTON STANLEY + THE FLYING ALEXANDERS at the BENT BRIEF, 30th August 2013. Free EntryLet’s celebrate the survivors! Two of Southampton’s longest-running and, dare we say it?, most respected bands play a one-off show together. Fresh from Sofa City, Accrington Stanley and The Flying Alexanders play a special ‘end the summer hols with a bang’ gig at The Bent Brief on 30th August. Should be an absolute blast. Free entry.

Accrington Stanley
Still dining out on the marvellous moment when they found themselves representing 1/50 of John Peel’s published record collection (2 lps in the first 100 published), the Stanleys have been enjoying a tidy renaissance, picking up great reviews for their last album ‘Exactly’ and releasing increasing amounts of their bulging back-catalogue on line. Quirky, characterful indie-pop at its finest…

The Flying Alexanders
Utterly bomb-proof, the Alexanders have a heart rooted in punk and lyrics rooted in 21st century living. Sitting on top of one of the tightest and meanest rhythm-sections around, marvel at Perry Flatt‘s ever evolving masterclass in economic, brutal guitar playing and get swept along by Jon Sansom‘s ebullience and energy as front-man/singer and lyricist par excellance. Recommended!

Thanks to all at Amyfest

A shout from Stanley Towers to all who put in their time and effort to make the Amy Winehouse Foundation All-Dayer the blast that it was. Special mention to Marco, the Talking Heads, and the tireless bods from the AW foundation Mystery Machine.

Amy Winehouse Foundation All-Dayer piece from the Daily Echo

While the boys repair their buzzing amps and test their leads for the next show, enjoy this picture (from the Daily Echo) of Amy on the drums, still able to keep the Stanleys in time despite her one significant well-documented obstacle. (Baz not pictured for contractual reasons)